Values are not just a section on our website! Our values represent our way of life day to day at Risk Control.

Our values define what we stand for and how we care and value our customers.

Beside considering that our role, as a company is to have a positive influence on people by the way we operate, we take the responsibility of establishing a unique customer driven experience by heart.

At Risk Control, our team works continuously to respond to the following challenges:

Customer centric

Our team place the customer at the heart of every action we take in favor of the following trinity: faster service, better quality and better experience.

Lead by example

Our team aims to set an example, to demonstrate authenticity, responsibility, and consistency between what it says and what it does.


A process is measured and scored. It must therefore be simple and harmonized and in constant search of innovation.


Commitment and respect for our commitments are part of our core values. Feeling responsible for our actions and our communication within the company with a sense of belonging takes precedence in our means of action.


Our team makes sure that they are always transparent and direct. They seek consensus and check its correct application on an ongoing basis.

Test and measure

Evaluate the effectiveness of our actions and identify the relevant levers to optimize our services.

Team spirit

Foster cooperation between members of the same team and different departments. Creating a framework of trust and sharing of ideas helps overcome various challenges.


Delivering a result for our engineers is not just limited to responding to customer requests, but to going beyond their expectations.

Innovate, set an example, respect our commitments, evaluate our actions, communicate and cooperate with each other and with our clients, are our solid base that won’t change no matter how much we grow.