Our story

Created in 2011, Risk Control stands by your side in all your construction and building projects.

Specialized in Technical Inspection, Risk Control has served thousands satisfied customers, and is still growing to accompany you in Europe, in Middle East and North Africa. Our engineers and experts are always ready to answer your needs.

A young, dynamic and human-sized company, we are already integrating a sustainable dimension into our projects. Human, ethical and environmentally friendly, we anticipate, today, tomorrow’s requirements.

Our group covers six group of activities:

Clients hire Risk Control to realize independent and impartial examination to ensure that systems and construction plans are designed and constructed to meet the specification requirements. Our team carries out site assessment visits, monitors construction plans, makes sure that the safety measures are taken into account, and reports back to the client.

Why choose
Risk Control ?

When choosing Risk Control, you’re not only hiring a technical inspection agency, you’re hiring an experience that is tailored to your needs, and organized depending on your schedule

A daily requirement

Our team is made up of qualified and competent proactive engineers who will be able to respond to all your requests, even anticipate them.

A new approach

All our approaches and innovations are designed with the sole aim of making your job easier.

A step ahead

We use the best of technology to better communicate and collaborate with our customers.

The team

The key to our success is our team! In Risk Control we believe that the human factor is a major element in the progress of our company and the accomplishment of your projects. Trustworthy, eager to learn, to improve and to give the best results is what distinguishes our engineers and group.

The relationship of trust that Risk Control builds with its clients draws its strength from numerous ingredients:

  • Having a unique contact throughout the whole project
  • Transparency 
  • Presence on site
  • Attention to detail